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Our online service is open to the legal profession and general public to obtain original certified copies of state vital records. Vital certificates and forms may be ordered from the relevant government agency for free or a lesser cost. No visit to the government agency is required through Vital Certificate Processing Services' online ordering service. The online processing fee is for the cost of providing a secure online ordering service, expert assistance and thorough review of all pertinent information to ensure compliance with government rules and regulations.


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Terms of Service


IMPORTANT!: The requestor is the person ordering the certificate, not the person named on the certificate. If you are ordering your own certificate, you are both the requestor and the subject. The name of the credit card holder must be the same as the requestor.


Name of Subject: The name exactly as it appears on the certificate.

City / County of Birth: Please select the city and county of birth for the subject of the certificate. If you do not know the name of the city or it is not listed, please enter  “unknown” in the OTHER box.

Name of Mother: Please enter both the current last name of the mother and her maiden name.

Name of Father: Enter “unknown” or “not named” if the father is unknown or was not listed on the birth certificate.

Date of Birth & Social Security Number of the Requestor: This is an additional safeguard to protect your identity and the security of the requested certificate.

Delivery Address: If certificate is delivered by UPS shipping, it must be signed for at this address. Certificates delivered by UPS cannot be sent to a P.O. Box.

IMPORTANT! - Pennsylvania Vital Records requires that the address you enter below MUST be the same as your credit card billing address. This is also the address where your order will be shipped.


*UPS to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico is $26.00. UPS to all international locations is $37.50.


Date of Birth: The exact date of birth of the person listed on the certificate.



Telephone & Email Address of the Requestor: ID requirements and other important information will be emailed to you. An incorrect email will result in delays.

Retype Email Address





CREDIT CARD INFORMATION - Cardholder Must be the Person Making the Request





Credit Card Security Code.

TOTAL FEE WILL APPEAR AS 2 SEPARATE CHARGES ON YOUR CREDIT CARD. U.S. VITAL RECORDS $57.87 (upon receipt of your application) & VCN PENNSYLVANIA $48.00 for UPS Delivery OR $30.00 for Regular Mail (AFTER ID requirements are met).


Enter your full name in the box below. Entering your name constitutes a signature and an agreement that you have read and agree to all the provisions contained below. It additionally affirms that all information provided on this order form is complete and accurate and that you are a person authorized to obtain a Pennsylvania Vital Certificate as indicated by your answer to Relationship to Subject.

Type full name to represent your signature and acknowledge that the terms below have been accepted.

1. I understand ID requirements must be met before you receive your requested vital certificate. You will receive an email within one week of submitting this application with instructions on how to send a copy of your government issued picture ID. The ID must be of the person requesting the vital certificate.

2. I agree and understand that the total fee is broken down into 2 payments. The initial fee of $57.87 per certificate will appear on your credit card as ‘U.S. Vital Records’. The second fee will appear as ‘VCN Pennsylvania’.

3. I have read and agree to the Terms of Service.

Our 24 hour, no fee, corrections and cancellation policy provides you peace of mind. If for any reason your application should be rejected we guarantee a full refund of our fees.

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Reason for Request: Please select “Passport” if you require a certificate with the parents’ names on it.

Pennsylvania Birth Certificate Order Form

Birth records are available for order through this website for events that occurred in the State of Pennsylvania between 1906 and the present.  

ID Requirements must be met before you receive your birth certificate. You will receive an email with instructions on how to send your ID within one week of submitting this application.